Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slippers for ornament swap

 Here they are!  I finished up the slipper ornaments for the PPPCG swap.  We needed to make 11 -- 10 to swap and 1 for the silent auction (I think 1 from each person will be put together into a group and that will be auctioned).

After making the first slipper incarnations, as seen in my previous post, I got these down a little better.  Made a template for the slipper "sole" and decided on twisty straps and plumeria flowers.  I also chose reddish/orange/purple for the toenails and tried not to go overboard with using pearl ex!  I'm pretty happy with these and hope my guild members like them as well!!

The raffia was used in place of ribbon, and I attached a tag I made with a little raffia bow.  I'm just very happy with myself right now, and will be even more so when I get to making more of these for holiday gifts.

What's nice is that these do not have to be used as an ornament, per se, but could be a cute decoration on your wall or remind yourself to save up those pennies for your next vacation to Hawaii!


Piper Larson said...

These are so cute Jainnie! They turned out beautifully. And I love the idea of using raffia instead of's the perfect finishing touch!
XO Piper

Emma@christmascupboard said...

I Love these Jainnie...So pretty x

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Thanks, Piper! Also thanks for your feedback when I made the first ones. :)

Thanks, Emma! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Jainnie, I love the slipper. It is beyond cute. I have already hung mine on the tree. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the swap. Suzanne - PPPCG member

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I loved your little mouse in a walnut shell!!

Solange said...

Hi Jainnie
What sweet, gorgeous ornaments! You are so creative. I see you have become a follower of my blog (Passe-par-tout). I almost fell off my chair when I saw I had my first follower! I guess you must have found me on the BYW course. Wasn't it great. I battled to keep up and get properly involved but it got me to start my blog which is brillianr. Thanks for following and I look forward to following you too. Happy blogging. x Solange

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Hi Solange! Thanks for your sweet comments. Yes, I did find your blog through BYW! What a great course. There are things I need to catch up on...there's so much great information!! I look forward to following your blog, and thanks so much for following mine! I really need to put BYW to use!! :-)

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