Thursday, April 05, 2012

Flower pendants in polymer clay

I wanted to share a couple of pics of my favorite flower pendants in polymer clay.  Okay, granted I've only made a couple of these so far, but I'm really liking them. These are made with artist-grade polymer clay (a.k.a. Premo) and mica powders.

A good clay friend, Barb H., was giving me some feedback on the first piece, the pink one, and wondering if I could add in some flower buds or sort of sideways flowers.  Well, I think I did pretty good adding the flower buds on the second one, the gold one.  (You can click on the photos to see them larger)

Flower pendant with pink background - by Jainnie Jenkins
Flower pendant with gold background - by Jainnie Jenkins

I'll have to really start looking at flower pics!  I realize these are not really any specific type of flower, and my sometimes over-analytical nature has me thinking..."Hmmm, I wonder if these buds match this made-up flower?"  But I still think it's rather pretty.  To me, there is also a bit of an Asian feel to them.

It's really quite funny, I had posted a pic of the gold one in progress (on Facebook) and then said it was in danger of being overworked.  Ahh, that's what happens when you are just "going with it" and trying to feel it out as you go along.  It can be quite a tedious process, with figuring out whether you need one more flower bud, one more leaf, is there flow through the piece, is it too busy, what will "connect" each part (since they are not on stems)... but I secretly kind of love it!  Art is all about challenge and working through the frustrations.  It makes the end product so much more fulfilling, even if it can still be improved upon or have a different outcome.  But I have decided I really should start rough sketching what I want to do to see if that helps my process any.

As a sidenote, I wanted to say that if you view this picture larger, the shading around the flowers (on the gold background) may seem a bit imperfect, but I think it's just the photo I took with my phone.  It doesn't look like that in person! :)

Let me know what you think. I love to hear comments and I love critiques! 

Monday, April 02, 2012

Beads with Blooms on Polymer Clay Daily!

I woke up this morning and what did I see...
Polymer Clay Daily featuring me!

Thank you, Cynthia Tinapple!