Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar Skull masks - Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

Sugar Skull mini masks
This spring, I participated once again in Sarajane Helm's polymer clay mask swap.  If you aren't familiar with a "swap," I'll explain.  Basically each swap participant decides how many groups they want to be in.  For this one, we could choose 1, 2, or 3 groups.  You then make 10 masks for each group you're signed up for, and these can be identical masks or a particular theme.  For mine, I decided to do Sugar Skull masks...made with a Sugar Skull candy mold.

Sugar Skull masks - group 1
 The mold I used had 3 different skulls on it which worked out great, since I ended up doing 3 groups (some people may not be able to finish for whatever reason, and I had been on a list in case they needed someone to fill in for a group or two).  I first saw the candy molds in Taos, NM, but was able to get these in Colorado Springs from La Fuente Imports.  They also have larger ones available!

Sugar Skull masks - group 2
If you've ever participated in a swap, you probably know all too well about procrastination and how you start off with a lot of enthusiasm but quickly run out of steam.  I think I would've added even more detail and embellishments if I wasn't under the stress of having to get these done and sent in.  When will I learn??

Sugar Skull masks - group 3

With the first group, I thought of adding some gold teeth...and that just stuck for the rest of them.  I kind of like that little bit of "bling" and think it adds interest and fun!  Here are some other pics of the masks...