About Me


I am a creative, 40-something soul who loves all arts and crafts, currently living in the hills of Colorado with my wonderful husband and outdoor critters.

As a little kid, I used to doodle and create all the time. Art class was my favorite. Even into my high school and college days, I loved art. There is just something about working with your hands and making something special. I would be holed up in the ceramics lab, either at the top of my high school campus, listening to the gentle breeze of the pine-needle trees, or at the university ceramics department until the wee hours of the morning. Music blasting, creative energies flowing...it's the most magical of times! You don't want to stop, you don't want to sleep. You just want to keep at it!

Over the years I've worked for a local arts agency in Hawaii, gone back to school to get a Masters degree in teaching, taught 4th grade and Kindergarten, fallen in love and married the best guy ever, done substitute teaching, joined polymer clay guilds, and had lots of fun art adventures with friends.  I also enjoy visiting local galleries and seeing and collecting other artists' works.

There are so many new things to learn in the art and craft world, and I really don't want to limit myself to just one.  I love getting inspiration from my surroundings and experiences.  It really is fun to get excited about making things and being creative.

Thanks for joining me on my journey!