Monday, January 23, 2012

Recent texture sheet experiments

Handmade heart using original texture sheet I created
Recently I tried out some Sculpey Bake and Bend clay, on the suggestion from my clay friend, Tejae.  I've previously made texture sheets with regular 'ole polymer clay, and also the Super Elasticlay (which I'm not even sure is still available).  I must say, it really does bend quite well! And you can run it through the pasta machine with a sheet of clay if you make the texture sheet thin enough.

Bake and Bend texture sheet on the left, polymer clay impression on the right
You do have to watch that you're not "warming away" the texture while forming your piece.  I'll probably have to learn to let the clay "sit" for awhile to firm up / cool down, but I'm really not good at doing that!

I'm going to be making more texture sheets, so make sure to stop by and see what I'm doing. :)