Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frustration, Fluster-Busters and Little Successes!

Yesterday was just one of those days. I had grand ideas floating around in my head and they looked oh-so-good. Then I tried to create them. And they looked oh-so-ehhh...

But I mean, that's fine. I know about frustration, and I actually embrace it these days. It's part of the creative process. You have to experience frustration at some point in order to have a breakthrough, you just HAVE TO.  But everyone deals with it differently.

Here are my go-to Fluster-Busters:
  1. Keep doing what I'm doing (because sooner or later I learn something, either what to do or what not to do)
  2. Do something else to give my mind a break. Go for a walk, do some yardwork, etc.
  3. Eat. This has its own number because eating really is not giving your mind a break. It just causes a whole set of problems: what do I want to eat? leftovers? cook something? hey, didn't the Pioneer Woman have a recipe for a yummy chocolate something or other??

I actually ended up going to sleep. I guess that should've been #4.

Today was a better day, as I finished the 2nd crown from Tejae's tutorial. That was my first little success. Like I mentioned before, following a tutorial or project can be helpful when you're stuck in a rut. It actually gives my mind a break, temporarily (until lots of ideas and versions come flooding in).

Then I wanted to post a pic of the crowns, but I had taken the lazyman's way out and took pics of them on the kitchen counter. So what did I do? Played around with Photoshop (obviously not the lazyman's way to do things). This is the result, my second little success:

I tried to have fun without making it too cheesy. What do you think? I'm still quite chuffed with myself...that's me in the corner, queen of my own little world...

Do you have any fluster-busters to share? Any little or BIG successes? No? Then leave me your favorite recipe (or a link to it)! :)


Anonymous said...

I love how you're in the corner wearing a crown! :D <3 Jan

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Thanks, Jan! :D

Cuzin said...

Haha, Cuz! That is soooo kawai! Love the new header also.

Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

Mrs Queen of clay. These are gorgeous. I love the colors you chose. The corner photo is too cute. Keep making they are lovely. :).

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Thanks, to my cuzin!

And thanks, Kimberly! :)

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