Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spring beads

Spring beads - by Jainnie Jenkins
Just wanted to show the spring beads I made for the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild bead swap for April 2012.  The theme was "spring" colors.  This started off as a challenge in many ways for me.  First of all, I wanted to find a way to incorporate colors so it wouldn't just be pastel colored beads.  Then, I wanted to work a little more loosely or organically.  Lastly, I wanted to create some shapes for spring that might suggest blossoming or growth or just plain fun.  I also wanted to make 21 beads that were different, yet similar. I think I succeeded!

21 beads for spring bead swap - by Jainnie Jenkins
These beads were all made from one ball of polymer clay.  I pinched and formed the beads with my fingers, used wax-modeling tools and others to create the textures and shapes, then layered on pearl-ex powders.  Post-curing (in my clay dedicated toaster oven), I scrubbed off most of the pearl-ex leaving enough to accent the textures and shapes.  I must say that the Reflex Purple pearl-ex is one of my favorite colors to use!!

I really loved all these beads as a set, and I'm a little sad that they went to different homes.  But hopefully their recipients will enjoy them! These can be used with other beads, or used as a focal bead or pendant.  Maybe I'll have to make another set for myself!  I'm also envisioning these loose, organic shapes as ornaments!... stay tuned...

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Blenda Tyvoll said...

Hi Jainnie, Stopping from BYW Group on FB. Your jewelry is beautiful! It's amazing that you have created something so pretty and delicate just from using polymer clay.

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