Friday, February 24, 2012

Earrings - #3 and #4 - faux turquoise and various beads

I just spent all evening trying to get a couple pairs of earrings finished. *sigh* What a pain. I laid out the beads I thought I would use...and I thought it looked good on my table. But the actual combining of elements was a whole other story.

These use my version of faux turquoise. I haven't made faux turquoise for quite some time, but it was still okay for me. I used various turquoise and green colors of Premo polymer clay, embossing powders, and burnt umber paint.

Earrings #3 - Faux turquoise in polymer clay, red agate, sterling silver, various beads
Earrings #4 - Faux turquoise in polymer clay, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, various beads

I've only dabbled in jewelery techniques in the past and I have to keep reminding myself that continued work and effort will eventually show some improvement.  Keep calm and carry on, right?


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Melobeau said...

I really like your version of faux turquoise and I think your earrings are very pretty! Hope you'll be making more jewelry in the future.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jainnie, these are beautiful. Growing up in New Mexico I've seen a lot of turquoise. These would fit right in at the Plaza in Santa Fe. Well Done!!


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