Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mini ice cream cones, slippers and candy lollipops!

Earlier this year I started exploring making some cream cones, slippers (or "slippahs!") and some other little things.  Now, these are not dollhouse scale or anything, but they were fun to do and make into pendants or earrings.  And since I don't really have too much of my work posted here, I thought I better do so!

What I've noticed is that Premo clay can get awfully soft when you're working on something small...and gee, these are not even as tiny as all the work done by polymer clay miniaturists!!  How do you guys do it?? I'm wanting to try my hand at making actual dollhouse scale minis, but for now I'm enjoying making these. 


Eliana said...

I loved the earrings and pendants! Beautiful!

Alison Shibata said...

Jainnie, these pieces are soooo cute!!! Haha, slippahs foreva!

Cernit doesn't get mushy and now comes in a range of colors but I'm a diehard Fimo fan :)

Jainnie Jenkins said...

Eliana, thank you for your comments! xoxo

Thanks, Alison! You know, I have a good "slippah" tan going on...especially since I walked around in slippers in the hot Santa Fe sun! So you love Fimo like Kiva, huh? I have a ton of Premo...and have not tried Cernit. But hmm, I do have some old old Fimo! :-D xoxo

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